What is Coinbase?

What is Coinbase Cryptocurrency Exchange?

Coinbase is a secure online platform where users can buy or sell all types of cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.
Founded in 2012, Coinbase makes it easy for beginner traders and experts alike to easily access the cryptocurrency market and currently has over 43 million users worldwide.
Coinbase allows users to begin trading from just a £25 deposit and offers lot of different and convenient ways to pay and withdraw funds, which are all securely protected and insured too.

Why Do People Use It?

Coinbase is a popular choice for selling and buying cryptocurrency online as it is very user friendly.

Coinbase currently supports users from over 100 countries, so no matter where you are base in the world, you should easily be able to set up a Coinbase account.

How Do You Join Coinbase?

Joining Coinbase is quick and easy to do.

In order to set up your cryptocurrency portfolio and start trading, all you need to do is open up an account, which can be done in just minutes.

Simply enter your identifying information, including your full name, email address, phone number and then the password you wish to use.

Coinbase will always verify your personal information before confirming your account has been opened successfully.

Once you have opened your account, you will then need to link it to your bank account. That’s it! Now you are ready to start buying and selling cryptocurrency.

Is the Coinbase Cryptocurrency Exchange Safe?

Coinbase is one of the most secure and trusted platforms when it comes to trading cryptocurrencies online.

Coinbase ensures that all your data is stored securely offline, so you do not have to worry that the site will fall victim to hackers.

Coinbase is also protected by insurance, so any cryptocurrency you buy or sell via Coinbase is completely insured for ultimate peace of mind.

Coinbase understands that safe trading is vital to retaining their reputation as one of the most trusted platforms available, and as such Coinbase adheres to the strict industry code of best practise which is implemented by the cryptocurrency industry for best account security.

Where is the Coinbase Exchange Located?

Coinbase is located at their digital headquarters in San Francisco, based in California in the United States. Coinbase is currently the largest cryptocurrency exchange based in America.

Is Coinbase a Regulated Exchange?

Coinbase is regulated by each country in which it trades and operates, as well as complying with US licensing laws as this is where Coinbase headquarters are located.

Coinbase are regulated by the Bank Secrecy Act, which implements greater verifications for customer security, as well as operating under the USA Patriots Act in order to ensure that Coinbase is fully compliant with all US trading laws. Coinbase are also registered as part as a money service trading business as part of FinCen.

How do I Exchange Crypto on the Coinbase?

Exchanging cryptocurrencies on Coinbase is very straightforward, so even if you are new to trading, the simple steps from the site will be able to guide you through the process.

In order to start buying cryptocurrency, you will need to make a minimum deposit of £25 into your Coinbase wallet, which also makes Coinbase a very accessible option for new traders with this low minimum deposit threshold. Once you have purchased your cryptocurrency, there are a number of different options as to what you can do next.

1. Sell

As soon as you have bought cryptocurrency, you have the choice to sell it again straightaway if you wish.

Coinbase makes it fast and simple to sell all types of cryptocurrencies and you can then easily withdraw your funds too via your linked bank account or PayPal.

2. Hold

Many traders prefer to hold onto their cryptocurrencies in order to try and make the most from their investment.

Coinbase makes this really easy to do, simply keep your cryptocurrencies safely stored in your Coinbase wallet or transfer to another secure wallet location instead.

3. Convert

If you have purchased Bitcoin, one of the most popular types of cryptocurrency, Coinbase allows you to convert this to another form of cryptocurrency if you prefer, without having to buy or sell any other cryptocurrency from your portfolio.

4. Spend

Spending your cryptocurrency is another popular option, simply pay for everyday purchases with your Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency as you would do with any other type of money.

5. Transfer

Coinbase allows you to easily send your cryptocurrency portfolio to anyone, anywhere in the world instantly, all just at the click of a button.

6. Give

Coinbase knows it is important to give back, and as such they make it easy for users to donate their cryptocurrency to charitable causes too.

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