TRON Opens El Salvador Office

Justin Sun, TRON’s chief executive officer, just announced through a tweet that the cryptocurrency would be venturing into the El Salvador market after setting up its first office there.


Recently, El Salvador has been in the news a lot in relation to its sudden interest in cryptocurrencies. The latest headline was regarding their president, Nayib Bukele.


When he spoke at the Bitcoin 2021 Conference that was held in Miami, he revealed that he was working on passing a motion to El Salvador’s congress. 


If the bill is successful, it will allow Bitcoin to be used as a legal tender. In fact, El Salvador will be the very first sovereign country to embrace Bitcoin as a legal tender. 


Interestingly, Bitcoin isn’t the only cryptocurrency that El Salvador is looking to introduce. 


Sun was quite thrilled to make it known to the public that his company would be opening a TRON office in El Salvador. If this happens, TRON (TRX) will actually be the first cryptocurrency firm to set up shop in that country.


This move has been met with positive reviews from both TRON stakeholders and the crypto community in entirety.


Furthermore, there were several tweets and comments from individuals expressing their interest in working for TRON in the newly-opened branch in El Salvador.


Other than being a genuine proponent of TRX, Sun is also a passionate advocate for Bitcoin. When business legend, Elon Musk, recently withdrew his endorsement for the crypto, Sun pledged to purchase every Bitcoin that Musk would sell.


At the same time, El Salvador is teaming up with Strike, the crypto wallet tailored for the Lightning Network. 


Based on these moves, it’s evident just how fast and ready the country is to embrace the cryptocurrency industry. 


Tron’s (TRX) present price is $0.07007 while that of Bitcoin (BTC) stands at $32,839.70.



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