TRON and BSCP Unite to Launch TRONPAD

TRONPAD Continues the Expansion of the Cryptoverse

Cryptocurrency platform TRON has joined forces with BSCPad, aiming to create and ultimately launch the first IDO launchpad founded on the blockchain.

The new venture, which will be called TRONPAD, will happen solely on BSCPad and is expected to be as successful as BSCPad.

Despite being established just recently, BSCPad has already been crowned the leader with regards to the number of customers and transactions. It’s one of the key players that facilitated the exponential growth of the Binance Smart Chain.

Based on a recent press release, the project has collaborated with the renowned cryptocurrency, TRON, so that this latest invention can be successful.

According to the announcement, both organizations hope to take part in the creation of TRON’s very first native original DEX. Their efforts will be founded on TRON’s network then occur solely on the BSCPad.

However, the announcement didn’t reveal the specific date when TRONPAD would debut. It only stated that more details would be released in the course of time.

Justin Sun, the mastermind behind TRON, remarked that his company was thrilled to be undertaking the new venture with BSCPad.

With the adoption of cryptocurrencies increasing at a fast rate, this is the best time to launch TRONPAD. The latter will act as a uniform IDO platform that can be used for future projects that will be launched on the TRON blockchain.

The PR team further noted that TRON anticipates huge success on its launchpad as was the case with BSCPad. So much so that it will invite an entirely new audience, which can then put money into TRON projects.

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