Spores – New Cardano Defi Project Raises $2.3 Million

Spores, Cardano’s DeFi Project, Procures $2.3 Million in Recent Funding Round

Cardano-based, Spores Network, just revealed to the public that it raised a whopping $2.3 million in its latest funding.

Some of the entities that participated in the funding include Twin Apex, NGC, ExNetwork, SVC, SL2, Maven Capital, Vivian Capital and OIG.

The platform intends to increase its endeavors in its quest to become the first full-stack NFTs and DeFi marketplace, which takes up and incorporates Cardano’s blockchain and ecosystem.

There are several reasons that seem to be working in favor of NFTs and these include reduced transaction costs, higher throughput, minimal carbon footprints as well as widespread communities.

As such, Duc Luu, Spores Network’s executive chairman said that the firm is thrilled to be undertaking this venture. In fact, their plan is to serve as the “Alibaba and Alipay” of the cryptocurrency industry.

Spores was established by Duc, alongside Eric Hung Nguyen. Its vision is to provide an NFT platform that is compatible across different blockchains. If they can achieve this, it will allow clients to issue NFTs and also auction and switch assets while still using other DeFi products.

Given that Spores is creator-centric, it’s able to make the most of minting, exchanging and distributing creative work.

Becoming a leader in such a nascent ecosystem is no mean feat. But the platform’s advisors, American McGee, and its entrepreneurs, Eric Hung Nguyen and Duc Luu, are putting their best foot forward to lead Spores in the right direction.

The NFT world is expanding at a very high rate. This makes it the best time for Spores Network to expand its operations as well.

Starting July 23rd, Spores Network will make it possible for anyone interested in registering for its Cardstarters IDO network to do so.

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