MarTech Blockchain Plans Polygon Rollout

MarTech Blockchain Firm Ojamu Plans Polygon Mainnet Rollout

Blockchain firm Ojamu has announced plans to roll out Polygon Mainnet in conjunction with Polygon, a decentralized platform for linking Ethereum-based blockchain systems. Ojamu is AI driven, and is already working with Polygon to develop a testnet as the later works towards empowering communities to trade in value across the globe without the need for gatekeepers and middlemen.

Ojamu also plans to roll out a bridge system as well as plans for an ERC-20 token in the next few days to enable and enhance usage of Polygon Mainnet.

The team at Ojamu says they have advanced integration with Polygon POS as a way of capitalizing on Polygon’s Ethereum solutions. The POS is EVM-compatible with validators and checkpoints. Its development will improve further user experience under Ojamu’s ecosystem by eliminating congestion issues. Ojamu noted they will provide more details in the coming days.

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