Litecoin MimbleWimble Approaches

Litecoin’s MimbleWimble to Debut at the End of the Year

The implementation of the eagerly awaited Litecoin protocol of MimbleWimble is on the right course to be launched towards the end of 2021.

David Burkett, who is MimbleWimble’s key developer, made this announcement on Thursday, explaining that the launch is set to take place on LTC mainnet.

In his highly-detailed update regarding the launch, Burkett pointed out that Litecoin’s MimbleWimble code had been subjected to a couple of changes since it was first sent to Github for the review and auditing process.

He also went ahead to explain that the project was grappling when it came to having enough developers on board, who could evaluate the MimbleWimble code.

He mentioned that given how the libmw code had struggled to attract new developers, he would be shutting it down and instead come up with new, smaller and more wholesome PRs in the next couple of weeks.

Following his announcement, the team working at Litecoin has invited developers from around the world, especially those well versed in cryptography and evaluating C++ code.

Interested developers would become a part of the MimbleWimble Telegram group. The plea to acquire more developers was voiced through a tweet.

When it comes to pricing, it appears that Litecoin is following a similar trend to Bitcoin as it tries to reacquire the 200-day moving average.

With the weekend already here, it’s likely that Litecoin will keep on consolidating above the local minimum of $118, which was set just last month and below the $200 resistance.

Also crucial to point out is how dependent Litecoin is to Bitcoin’s trend. Should BTC plummet below $30k in the course of the weekend, LTC would suffer more losses and go below the lower borderline of $118.

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