Litecoin Joins the Wanchain Cross-Chain Infrastructure

Litecoin Finalizes Its Integration into Wanchain’s Cross-Chain Infrastructure

One of the primary objectives that the crypto industry has been aiming for is achieving seamless interactivity or interoperability between different blockchains, and their respective ecosystems.

The majority of stakeholders believe that achieving this is the next best step to foster development in this space.

In fact, they believe that blockchain interactivity is just as crucial to the industry’s future performance as any other tech invention or regulation.

Up to this point, it is only Wanchain that has proven that it can be a genuinely decentralized cross-chain fix, capable of handling the concept of blockchain interactivity.

Due to this, more project owners have expressed their interests to team up with Wanchain and become a part of its cross-chain ecosystem.

As we speak, Wanchain already offers support to some of the globe’s largest digital currencies. These include Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP Ledger, Binance Smart Chain, EOSIO, and obviously, Wanchain itself.

The latest addition to its decentralized cross-chain platform is Litecoin. This incorporation is expected to benefit both parties.

On Wanchain’s part, it will strengthen the firm’s position as one of the most developed cross-chain solutions globally. Litecoin, on its part, is set to gain smart contract abilities, not to mention the capacity to interrelate with other networks in Wanchain’s current ecosystem.

Even though Wanchain seems like the biggest gainer from this deal, Litecoin also stands to benefit in several ways.

For instance, although Litecoin is a Bitcoin fork, its processing fees are usually lower and faster than other cryptocurrencies considered industry leaders.

As a result, it is predicted that LTC can succeed Bitcoin. This would particularly happen if Bitcoin decided to make the transition from being a currency used on a day-to-day basis to a store of value.

Furthermore, LTC is set to benefit by gaining EVM-compatible smart contract abilities. This will make it an excellent alternative for trading on a cross-chain platform.

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