GamyFi Introduces Chainlink VRF to NFT Battle Royale

Chainlink VRF Enters NFT Battle Royale

GamyFi, the platform that deals in blockchain-based games as well as fantasy sports, has taken in the Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF). VRF feature has been added to the Binance Smart Chain mainnet.

One of the factors working in favor of this deal is the fact that Chainlink is the pioneer VRF in the blockchain space.

Also taking into account that it has a non-centralized oracle network, we can conclude that the resulting algorithm that determines the NFT Battle Royale video games will be totally secure and shielded from unnecessary breaches and tampering.

GamyFi promises that the new platform will be more exciting, innovative and not vulnerable to incidences of cheating.

Overall, it will provide a fair game; hence players can rest easy knowing that no third parties were engaged in determining the winner.

NFT Battle Royale is an example of a non-fungible token game where players get to use their non-fungible token cards. Here, players also have an opportunity to walk away with GamyFi prizes, and promote their NFT cards to a higher level.

The platform runs operations based on a number generator, which is referred to as RNG. RNG is what guarantees fairness in the game by giving each player a fair chance to win, and ultimately picking the winner by random.

With the new feature, players will have the freedom to keep tabs on the whole process of picking a winner independently.

Nonetheless, it’s crucial that such RNG remedies utilized by smart contracts be secured using several layers of safety protocols. This minimizes the risk of having the algorithm manipulated; hence, helping to preserve the system’s integrity.

After examining a number of RNG solutions, the GamyFi team settled on Chainlink VRF for a couple of reasons.

For starters, Chainlink is supported by very solid academic research. There’s also the fact that its oracle infrastructure has been in existence for a long time; thus, proving to be reliable.

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