Do Business Accept Bitcoin in Ireland

Who Accepts Bitcoin in Ireland?

Bitcoin has taken the financial sector by storm, and it’s become prominent the world over. One of its biggest draws is the fact that it eliminates the need to carry debit/credit cards or physical money.

Started back in 2009, bitcoin is almost getting to the point of being regarded as a type of currency. If you’re a crypto holder in Ireland, you might be wondering about some of the products and services you can pay for using bitcoin.

Businesses That Accept Bitcoin in Ireland

So in the following article, we’ve compiled a list of businesses that accept bitcoin in Ireland. Some are online retailers while others are brick-and-mortar stores.

Ireland businesses that accept bitcoin

  • – this was among the first giant online retailers to embrace bitcoin payments in Ireland. The company partnered with Coinbase back in 2014 to make this venture possible.
  • TigerDirect – like Overstock, TigerDirect also began accepting bitcoin payments in 2014. The retail company accepts bitcoin regardless of whether you’re using their desktop or mobile website.
  • GSM Solutions, Dublin – started back in 1995, GSMsolutions quickly developed to become a leading electronic repair company. Initially, the firm only offered mobile unlocking services. But, it now provides a complete spectrum of products and services geared towards the growth of Ireland’s mobile phone market.
  • Visiconnex -this company, which was founded in 2004, has been providing Irelanders with CCTV solutions for a couple of years now. It offers event-based, 24/7 and remote monitoring of CCTV systems.
  • The Ring Farmhouse – this is a bed and breakfast, situated in Birr, Ireland. Its owners provide cordial and friendly accommodation services in a quiet, rural setting.
  • Web World Ireland – this firm deals in web-hosting services. While it accepts bitcoin payments, this structure comes with one condition. That is the fact that only those clients who pay annually for their Web World accounts are allowed to use the crypto.
  • Killeena House – this is a property management company that offers vacation homes. Specifically, it provides guests with self-catering cottages located to the southwest of Ireland.

Benefits of using bitcoin as a form of payment

Minimal risk

One of the advantages of paying for services with bitcoin is that it’s low-risk. Unlike other modes of payments, bitcoin doesn’t force you to reveal any of your financial or personal details. This minimizes theft of data, which can occur through these avenues.

Bitcoin holders enjoy a certain extent of anonymity that also reduces the possibility of being hacked. Since the payment process occurs in a completely decentralized system, it’s not easy to identify or make your identity known to unauthorized parties.

Cheaper transaction fees

Another perk you’ll enjoy when you start paying for services with bitcoin entails reduced transaction fees.

Compared to debit and credit card purchases as well as peer-to-peer foreign purchases, transacting with bitcoin is way cheaper. This is primarily because bitcoin eliminates the need for having third-party or intermediary parties involved in payment processing.

Ease of transaction

One you get the hang of paying with bitcoin, you will never want to shift to another payment mode because of the convenience and ease of use it offers.

With bitcoin, you don’t have to provide your ID card, passport or proof of address. Simply, make your payment and enjoy their products or services you pay for.


Bitcoin is not just an asset that you can invest in. It also doubles up as a mode of payment. Should you choose to pay with bitcoin, you’ll enjoy benefits such as reduced risk of personal data theft, anonymity, lower fees, and a user-friendly platform.

In Ireland, some of the businesses that accept bitcoin for payment include GSMsolutions,, Web World, Visiconnex, The Ring Farmhouse, Killeena House, and TigerDirect.