Cardano dAppStore for DeFi Applications

Cardano Plans to Launch dAppStore for Certified DeFi Applications

Cardano’s development firm, Input Output (IOHK), made an announcement regarding the forthcoming store designed for decentralized apps on its network.

The platform, dubbed Plutus dAppStore, will give developers an opportunity to upload their Cardano applications. This will, in turn, make it a lot easier for the community to know about these apps.

IOHK announced this news in a Wednesday blog post. Cardano’s head of product and smart contracts, Shruti Appiah, said the new platform will help to solve two key issues.

First is the lack of a formal discovery mechanism for dApps operating on the network. The second challenge is the lack of a centalized approach for all dApps that are present in a given ecosystem for end-users.

Once the Plutus dAppStore is launched, it will permit Cardano users to analyze the whole ecosystem of dApps operating on the protocol through one single storefront.

Cardano’s highly anticipated Alonzo hardfork, which introduced smart contract capability to the blockchain, was launched earlier this month, but not without a hitch.

According to Long Nguyen, founder of Minswap, the main issue resulted from the well known concurrency. What this means is that numerous different agents are able to connect with an identical smart contract at the exact same time.

Luckily, developers are working on projects expected to solve this challenge. Meanwhile, IOHK intends to display a preview of the platform’s (Plutus dAppStore) prototype in the upcoming Cardano Summit. This event is scheduled to take place on the 25th and 26th this month.

Important to note though is that Cardano has not given a specific date for when it plans to launch Plutus dAppStore.

As such, it’s not clear just how fully fledged DeFi applications will flock to the Plutus dAppStore platform.

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