Canada Ballers to Be Paid In Bitcoin

Canadian Elite Basketball League (CEBL) Players Will Soon Receive Payment in Bitcoin

A well-renowned basketball league based in Canada just announced its intentions to start paying its players in the form of bitcoin (BTC).

Interestingly, the price of bitcoin took a nosedive not that long ago. But this decrease hasn’t stopped several sectors from around the world, taking interest in the digital currency.

Although, given its price now stands at around $35k, a few key players have expressed their concerns. This doesn’t necessarily mean that every investor has been scared by the recent turn of events.

If anything, more individuals and companies are integrating the crypto into their operations. A good case in point is that of Landon Cassill, the professional NASCAR driver who recently revealed that he would be receiving his wages in Litecoin and Bitcoin.

Similarly, the Canadian Elite Basketball League (CEBL) just made it known to the public that it will start paying nearly all of its players with cryptocurrency.

Based on the statement released, CEBL will be paying players from up to seven teams using Bitcoin, starting 21 June 2021.

There are rumors that CEBL teamed up with Bitbuy, which is a crypto exchange based in Toronto, to make this venture a success. Meanwhile, the basketball league is scheduled to begin on June 24th next week.

The league will see a number of teams compete against each other. These include Fraser Valley Bandits, Guelph Nighthawks, Edmonton Stingers, Hamilton Honey Badgers, Saskatchewan Rattlers, Niagara River Lions and Ottawa Blackjacks.

Following the announcement, at least 70 players will be receiving their salaries in bitcoin.

Kimbal Mackenzie, who plays for Guelph Nighthawks, is said to have been amongst the first players to accept the offer. He remarked how thrilled he was to be getting paid in bitcoin.

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