AVAX Reaches All-time High After AVA, Deloitte Collaboration

NEW: AVAX Deloitte Partnership

AVAX’s price has risen, and now trades at $104.21, an increase of 85 percent in under a month. As a result, the token’s market cap has reached $23 bn, and has now secured a seat at the table as one of Ethereum’s key competitors.

The token has experience significant gains in the last few months as has been the case with other first layer markets, Stack fund’s COO, Mathew Dibb said. He added that they expect the token will experience further growth in the coming months provided demand remains high.

Emin Gun Sirer, Avalanche CEO and founder, said last Tuesday the firm would be working with the accounting firm Deloitte to establish a reliable relief platform using their blockchain.

Avalanche also announced about $600m worth of initiatives to encourage growth on the platform. Last September, Avalanche’s Foundation said it would set aside $230m to jump-start the network’s liquidity on its DeFi ecosystem.

Early last November, Avalanche’s investors and developers put together a $200m blizzard fund.

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