How to Buy Bitcoin in Ireland?

There are lots of online exchanges where you can buy Bitcoin all over the world, and some of the most popular and trusted exchanges include –

Kraken is one of the most trusted cryptocurrency exchanges on the market, and is our preferred cryptocurrency exchange.

Kraken is a US-based cryptocurrency exchange, founded in 2011.

The exchange provides cryptocurrency to fiat trading, and provides price information to Bloomberg Terminal. As of 2020, Kraken is available to residents of 48 U.S. states and 176 countries, and lists 40 cryptocurrencies available for trade. Wikipedia

To find out more and to start trading today, visit – www.Kraken.com

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Other popular exchanges include –

2. Coinbase

3. Blockfi

4. Bitcove

5. Coinmama

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Stellar Tries Its Hand at Buying MoneyGram

In the most recent development relating to the growing feud, Stellar Lumens has launched negotiations to buy MoneyGram.


MoneyGram is among the largest money-transfer providers, and it had initially teamed up with Ripple. This deal represents a massive leap forward in the Ripple (XRP) vs SEC court case. 


Originally, Ripple Labs had partnered up with MoneyGram. The collaboration allowed the digital currency to make large-scale payments, particularly among emigrant communities. 


This went on until the SEC finally discontinued XRP operations, then followed this up with a highly contentious court case. 


Once Ripple was faced with the allegations that it was running an unregistered illegal securities asset, MoneyGram decided to end the partnership.


Several analysts view Stellar’s decision to buy MoneyGram as a provocative move at a significant time in XRP’s operations. 


Stellar Lumens (XLM) was established by Jed McCaleb- a Ripple co-founder back in 2014. Word on the street is that McCaleb’s rough exit from the XRP project is one of the reasons for the ongoing conflict.


One aspect that the two projects can’t avoid is just how similar they are. And although discussions are being held regarding the purchase, many wonder whether the venture will bear fruit. 


Besides, there are many entities that have come before Stellar and attempted to buy MoneyGram, only to fail in their endeavors. 


Western Union is one of the entities that had expressed interest in buying the platform. However, its takeover bid that happened last year did not succeed. Alibaba had also attempted the same in 2017 by offering  a $1.2 billion deal.


At press writing, Stellar Lumens is trading at $0.27.

Donald Ramsey Sues Coinbase

Coinbase Slammed with a Securities Class Action Lawsuit over Public Listing

One of Coinbase stakeholders has brought a class action lawsuit against the cryptocurrency. The individual claims that the firm supposedly provided misleading information, in the period leading up to the crypto’s public listing.

The charges were filed on Thursday by Scott + Scott legal firm in the California Northern District Court.

In the case, Donald Ramsey, the Coinbase stakeholder, is named as the plaintiff. He is acting in the capacity of not only an individual but also as a representative, speaking on behalf of the other investors.

Ramsey filed these charges based on the United States Securities Act. He’s also provided a ton of proof, which he obtained from Coinbase’s regulatory filings with SEC (the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission), analyst reports, and the firm’s press releases.

Other than the company, other persons accused in the lawsuit are Brian Armstrong, the CEO; Paul Grewal, the chief legal officer; other top executives and venture capital supporters.

Ramsey alleges that the firm made “materially misleading statements” during that time when it was about to be listed. In his view, Coinbase released information that did not have any reasonable basis.

The shareholder also reveals that as soon as these discrepancies were realized, the company’s stock price took a nosedive.

He goes on to cite illustrations, such as the one that happened in Mid-May. Back then, Coinbase acknowledged that it needed to raise money, about $1.25 billion via a convertible bond sale. Ramsey draws our attention to the fact that Coinbase share price decreased by nearly 10% over the course of two trading sessions.

Another thing that Ramsey points out entails the firm’s technical difficulties.

He says that for a company that claims to be the most user-friendly platform for trading crypto, such issues should not be happening.

At the time when Ramsey initiated the lawuit, Coinbase stock was trading at $208 per share. This is a sharp decline from the $381 per share that it was trading at on April 14.

Ethereum Co-Founder to Exit the Crypto World, Cites Safety Concerns

Ethereum cryptocurrency co-founder, Anthony Di Iorio, announced that he would be exiting the cryptocurrency industry, partly because of safety issues.

The 48-year-old began working with a security team in 2017. As such, he always has an individual traveling either alongside him or ready to meet him to any place he goes to.

In the forthcoming weeks, Di Iorio intends to dispose of his current venture, Decentral, and sever ties with other cryptocurrency companies.

His plan is to shift his concentration towards philanthropy. In his announcement, he also mentioned that he would no longer be financing blockchain projects.

One of the reasons he cited for making this move, involves the level of risk that’s brought about by his job. He, however, refused to reveal his cryptocurrency holdings and net worth.

Di Iorio started Ethereum back in 2013, alongside seven other individuals. Ethereum has since grown to become one of the biggest crypto projects that’s ever existed, more so in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space.

DeFi allows customers to borrow, advance and trade with one another without having to ask a bank to serve as an intermediary. As we speak, the market value of Ether, the network’s native token, is estimated at $225 billion.

Di Iorio particularly drew attention to himself when he purchased the biggest and one of the most pricey condos in Canada, back in 2018. He paid a portion of this property using digital money.

His three-story penthouse was bought for approximately C$28 million, which is equivalent to US$22 million. The condo is situated at the St. Regis Residences Toronto.

More recently, he had a crack at venture-capital investing and startup advising. He has also served as the chief digital officer of the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Three years ago, Forbes gave an estimate of his net worth, believing that it exceeded US$1 billion. Since then, the value of Ether has increased by more than twofold.

Spores – New Cardano Defi Project Raises $2.3 Million

Spores, Cardano’s DeFi Project, Procures $2.3 Million in Recent Funding Round

Cardano-based, Spores Network, just revealed to the public that it raised a whopping $2.3 million in its latest funding.

Some of the entities that participated in the funding include Twin Apex, NGC, ExNetwork, SVC, SL2, Maven Capital, Vivian Capital and OIG.

The platform intends to increase its endeavors in its quest to become the first full-stack NFTs and DeFi marketplace, which takes up and incorporates Cardano’s blockchain and ecosystem.

There are several reasons that seem to be working in favor of NFTs and these include reduced transaction costs, higher throughput, minimal carbon footprints as well as widespread communities.

As such, Duc Luu, Spores Network’s executive chairman said that the firm is thrilled to be undertaking this venture. In fact, their plan is to serve as the “Alibaba and Alipay” of the cryptocurrency industry.

Spores was established by Duc, alongside Eric Hung Nguyen. Its vision is to provide an NFT platform that is compatible across different blockchains. If they can achieve this, it will allow clients to issue NFTs and also auction and switch assets while still using other DeFi products.

Given that Spores is creator-centric, it’s able to make the most of minting, exchanging and distributing creative work.

Becoming a leader in such a nascent ecosystem is no mean feat. But the platform’s advisors, American McGee, and its entrepreneurs, Eric Hung Nguyen and Duc Luu, are putting their best foot forward to lead Spores in the right direction.

The NFT world is expanding at a very high rate. This makes it the best time for Spores Network to expand its operations as well.

Starting July 23rd, Spores Network will make it possible for anyone interested in registering for its Cardstarters IDO network to do so.

De-Fi Education Fund Cashes In UNI Tokens

Uniswap-endorsed DeFi Education Fund Sells $10 Million Worth of UNI Tokens, Sparks Rage in the Crypto Community

The De-Fi Education Fund, which was created just a short while ago, has come under attack after it announced that it had liquidated 50% of the 1 million UNI tokens it had received through UNI governance.

The contentious Uniswap-funded DeFi Education Fund liquidated the donations into stablecoins- a move that has drawn criticism from the crypto society.

On 12th June, 2021, the fund made it known to the public through twitter that it would be selling 500,000 UNI. The buyer of the tokens, Genesis Trading, purchased them for 10.2 million USDC through an over-the-counter transaction.

The fund took this move despite having declared earlier that it would only liquidate the donations after a period of four to five years.

About two months ago, Harvard Law Blockchain and Fintech Initiative, a student organization, came up with a governance proposal requesting that the fund be launched and 1 million UNI to be allocated to the entity to assist in educational initiatives.

In early July, the proposal was approved and the UNI tokens were allocated to the fund.

This occurrence has sparked concerns over the centralized form of governance that controls Uniswap. It’s also brought to question the transparency and objectives of the fund.

Blockchain investigators managed to uncover the fact that Larry Sukernik, one of the individuals who co-signed on the education fund, had also sold 2,612 UNI tokens. This happened just a couple of hours before the OTC transaction.

Sukernik, on his part, defended himself alleging that the tokens he sold came from a grant that he got a couple of weeks ago.

In an interview, Chris Blec, a DeFi watch founder, insisted that Harvard Law initially claimed that its plan was to sell the 1m tokens over a 4-5 year period. This is contrary to what they did, which was essentially to use huge chunks of the amount all at once.

Blec was particularly unhappy with the fact that the fund was yet to give a valid explanation for what they’d done. He also proposed that Sukernik should resign from the fund’s committee.

Uniswap Secures Top Defi Token Status

Uniswap (UNI) Climbs Past the $21, Solidifying Its Position As A DeFi Token

In the past seven days, Uniswap (UNI) has outperformed all digital currencies ranked in the top 10 category.

It appears that it’s slowly establishing itself as one of the leading decentralized exchanges (DEX) in the crypto industry.

The UNI token gained by an incredible 19% in the past week. This allowed it to surpass the $21 mark, and it’s well on its way to hitting the $30 threshold.

On Friday, the cryptocurrency was trading at $21.47, which was an increase of 3.7% from the previous day.

This saw the coin enter the league of the top 10 cryptocurrencies based on market capitalization alone.

Losing its spot to UNI in this top 10 list was Binance Coin (BNB). Although BNB has also recorded a 19% gain in the past week, this is still an 8.7% decline taking the last one month into account.

That said, UNI is yet to attain the record-breaking price of $44.92 that it achieved on 3rd May, which was just 48 hours before the debut of its upgraded platform, the Uniswap V3.

While the remaining players in the crypto market continue to recover from the setback brought about by Tesla’s move to withdraw its Bitcoin support, UNI’s price outlook is optimistic, especially when it’s compared to other decentralized finance (DeFi) tokens.

Ranked one of the most prominent decentralized exchanges (DEXs), Uniswap lets customers change their Ethereum-based tokens without requiring an intermediary.

The network also presents investors with an opportunity to lock their money in ‘liquidity pools’.

In return, they’re able to earn rewards in the form of fees, which come from transactions conducted on the platform.

The soaring of UNI’s price helps to reinforce its spot as the most dominant DeFi token in the crypto industry.

It touts an impressive 14.6% share of the total DeFi market capitalization, which is equivalent to 0.76% of the whole crypto market cap.

Kraken Disputes JP Morgan’s Grayscale Write Down

Kraken Further Disputes JPMorgan’s Assessment of the Upcoming Grayscale Bitcoin Trust Unlocks

Crypto exchange network, Kraken, has become a part of the team of analysts that believes that the new Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) shares reaching secondary markets is a positive thing for bitcoin prices.

The Grayscale Bitcoin Trust is ranked one of the world’s biggest digital currency investment products.

It gives institutional investors exposure to bitcoin via the trust’s shares. This trust is estimated to be holding 654,600 BTC. This accounts for about 3% of the digital currency’s total supply.

The investors have the ability to make purchases through the fund, using its net asset value. The net asset value is equivalent to the value of the underlying bitcoin.

However, they can only do so on one condition, that is the fact that they’re limited to a lockup phase lasting 6 months.

At the beginning of the year, a lot of investors decided to buy into the trust fund. We’re halfway through the year, which means the majority of these lockups are just reaching their expiration date.

Once this happens, GBTC holders will have an opportunity to trade their shares on the secondary market.

Based on a report released by JPMorgan, the ongoing expirations and subsequent unlocks might lead to a sharp decline in bitcoin prices.

However, some crypto analysts including Arca Funds and Amber Group believe that the opposite is true, that is, the unlockings will cause an appreciation in bitcoin prices.

Kraken’s most recent report indicates that nearly 40,000 BTC worth of GBTC shares will be unlocked in the course of this month. This totals to almost $1.36 billion, based on bitcoin’s present price of $34,000.

In Kraken’s analysis, the firm believes that the unlock won’t have as significant of an impact on BTC spot markets.  

Network Effect 2.0 Comes to Ether

Ether Rises to A Two-Week High as Anticipation Over Key Upgrades on The Network Gain Traction

Just recently, Ether skyrocketed to reach the highest it’s been in the past two weeks. The gain can be attributed to the anticipation that’s building up, in relation to the forthcoming upgrades on the network.

On Sunday evening, it reached a high of $2,392. The last time it peaked to such a level was back in mid-June.

However, it dropped slightly on Monday to end at $2,296 but picked up the pace on Tuesday. Even then, this is a significant increase of about 900% compared to the same time last year.

Unfortunately, it’s still a bit of a decrease compared to the record-breaking level of $4,357 it had attained in May.

According to analysts, the past week has seen this digital currency gain a lot more traction than the likes of Bitcoin.

Many have attributed this to the upgrades that are set to be introduced to the network in the forthcoming weeks and months.

One of these upgrades is the EIP-1559, a feature that will transform the network in a massive way. To be more specific, it will allow ether coins to be destroyed. The purpose of this will be to reduce the supply of the coins; hence, increase chances of the price appreciating.

This and more upgrades are scheduled to be introduced soon. It’s expected that in the next two months, these changes will be fully in place.

On the whole, the cryptocurrency market has displayed resilience following the sharp declines that were encountered in May.

In the course of June, Bitcoin’s price dropped below the $30,000 mark. But, it has since recovered and is currently trading at $33,850 as of Tuesday.

Analysts believe that one factor that has aided the recovery of the crypto market is the George Soros’ fund.

But, many are worried about the regulations being imposed, which could potentially cause the so-called crypto bubble to burst.

At the time of writing, ether is trading at $2,282.36.

Coinbase Opens Shop in India

Coinbase Sets Up Shop in India, Invites People to Apply for Different Roles

Earlier this year, Coinbase made its plans about entering the Indian market known to the public. Brian Armstrong, Coinbase’ CEO revealed that the firm would be opening an office in the country.

In the announcement that he made through a tweet, Armstrong invited the residents to apply for different positions to work for the cryptocurrency exchange.

Pankaj Gupta, who is acting as the firm’s VP Engineering and Site Lead in India, noted that India hasn’t ventured much in the tech industry.

However, he remarked that a lot of people had expressed their interest to work in various roles. He said that the company was ready to start recruiting hundreds of individuals to work as engineers.

Coinbase hired Pankaj Gupta to lead the company’s operations in India, a role that he took up in April.

Gupta explained that the organization intends to have teams across several sectors, such as infrastructure, platform, cloud, payments, blockchains, crypto, machine learning, data engineering, among others.

One of the best things about working for the newly-created Indian branch is that workers will have the freedom to work from any location as the firm will allow remote working.

Nonetheless, this will be complemented by opening physical offices in major cities. This way, the company will create a hybrid and flexible work environment.

A look at the firm’s website reveals that nearly all of the available positions are remote jobs. There’s just one exception where the individual recruited will have to work from Hyderabad, India.

70% of ADA Staked for Alonzo Smart Contracts

More than 70% of ADA Worth $31 Billion Is Now Staked as Anticipation for Alonzo Smart Contract Grows

ADA holders have staked over $31 billion worth of ADA ahead of the eagerly awaited launch of the Cardano Alonzo smart contract.

The crypto society has been waiting for this debut for a while now, ever since Cardano announced the issue earlier in the year. The launch is now getting closer with initial plans pointing to a possible launch in August.

The launch is expected to be a major turning point for Cardano, especially in terms of boosting the network’s adoption and encouraging a price appreciation for the digital currency.

PoolTool, the renowned data provider, estimates that about 71.7% of ADA’s supply that is currently in circulation, has been staked. This proportion is worth $31 billion, and it’s been staked on 2,665 active pools.

On Friday, June 02, ADA’s price stood at $1.30. It’s ranked the fifth biggest digital currency in terms of market capitalization.

Interestingly, it’s also the leading cryptocurrency when it comes to staked value. Statistics show that Ethereum comes in second with an estimated staked value of $12.2 billion.

Polkadot, Solana and Algorand are also in the top five category of the most staked cryptocurrencies.

One aspect that makes Cardano’s staking favorable is the fact that users are able to generate passive income in the form of ADA without necessarily locking up their assets for a given period. With other protocols, there’s a specific minimum lock-up period set to be able to earn the staking rewards.

Investors have remained bullish on ADA as they await the enforcement of the full smart contract towards the end of summer.

As announced earlier, Input Output Hong Kong, more popularly referred to as IOHK, established the Alonzo hard fork less than two months ago. This created room for the smart contract capability, which will be implemented at some time in August.